Threats Statistics

Here you can find the latest added malicious IP addresses and the most detected IP addresses. All IP addresses listed in this page have been detected as malicious by our honeypots and spam traps. In total our honeypots have logged 16,060,894 malicious IP addresses from March 2017.

  Attacks Logged Last 7 Days

  Most Detected Threats

Last SeenIP AddressCategoryCount
2020-07-14139.162.102.46Socks Scan1,108

  Last Added Threats

Last SeenIP AddressCategoryCount
2020-07-1424.112.118.252MS-DS Attack120
2020-07-14177.207.229.247MS-DS Attack1
2020-07-14138.121.114.14MS-SQL Attack35
2020-07-14187.189.114.32MS-DS Attack1
2020-07-1446.119.47.36MS-DS Attack1