IP Reputation Feeds

Download our IP Reputation Feeds, IP blocklist of malicious IP addresses detected by our honeypots and related to web hacking attempts, which include SSH brute force, FTP brute force, port scanning, postfix/email hacks, spam, wordpress hacking, and so on. You can use the IP Reputation Feeds in your router, firewall, e-commerce, fraud prevention systems, etc.

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To download our IP Reputation Feeds you should subscribe to a yearly plan, contact us for pricing. You'll be able to download ALL malicious IP addresses logged in the last 72 hours. The yearly subscription allows us to increase, maintain and update our honeypots and spamtraps.

Free IP Reputation Feeds

You can download a small list of malicious IP addresses that can be used for personal and commercial projects. The list of IPs is updated every 24 hours and is exported in the CSV format, so you can easily parse it and integrate it anywhere. Click the link below to download the list of IPs:

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