We Track Malicious IP Addresses

Service provided by NoVirusThanks that tracks malicious IP addresses engaged in hacking attempts, spam comments, postfix/imap scans, telnet scans and SSH brute force attacks, identified by our honeypots and spam traps. Our IP blocklist can be useful for threat intelligence and to help in the detection of malicious IP addresses. We use specific rules in our honeypots to avoid false positive detections of legitimate IP addresses.

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Our IP feeds are proudly utilized on APIVoid's IP Reputation API and in other enterprise services to improve the detection of known and potentially malicious IP addresses used for spam and other malicious activities. This service was started in late 2017 and it has logged more than 20 million unique malicious IP addresses. Currently our service tracks only IPv4 addresses, but we plan on extending it to track also IPv6 soon.

Main Service Features

  •   30K+ malicious IP addresses logged every day
  •   160K+ malicious IP addresses logged every 7 days
  •   200+ honeypots and 15+ types of attacks logged
  •   We log first/last seen datetime, ip, category, attacks count
  •   Easily integrate IP blocklist in your router, firewall, iptables
  •   Prevent fraud, block spam, protect your network
  •   Up to date list of malicious IP addresses